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Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Fight Online

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight when they meet in a battle of champions who have tasted defeat. Legendary Fillipino Manny Pacquao will fight American Brandon Rios in Macau, China on November 23rd. However, the fight is actually taking place on November 24th in China. As international sports fans know, we often have to get up early or stay up till ridiculous hours to watch good sport. Those of us who want to watch Pacquiao vs Rios will have to endure those hours again (unless we happen to be in China). Macau is a glitzy paradise in the Vegas mould; flush with Casinos, fountains and dripping with gold decoration. It is the perfect location for a big boxing match. Except for sleepy Western sports fans.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Fight From Macau

The recent bout between Floyd Mayweather and Saul Canelo Alvarez may have been at a more convenient time, in Las Vegas, but probably those who watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight will get more entertainment. Pacquiao has lost twice recently, something Mayweather has never done, so the chances of seeing a legend go down to a relative underdog are higher. Rios is an exciting fighter too – liking to come forward and attack. Like Saul Alvarez, he has a decent record of his own, having only lost once in 33 fights. He is also a former WBA Lightweight champion. This doesn’t compare to Pacquiao’s incredible career, which has seen him win titles at eight different weight divisions. That’s why the fight still has upset potential.

Pacquiao Fights Rios in attempt to Get back on Track

What indication it will give that Pacquiao is back on track if he wins is disputed among boxing commentators. Some people think Rios’ attacking style is just what Manny likes, and is in the same vein as others who he has beaten (others, no offense to Rios, who may be considered better: Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto, to name a few examples). But Manny fans who watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight will be nervous.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online: Cotto Speaks on Fight, Trainers Get Into a Brawl

In just a few days the world will watch Pacquiao vs Rios online and see the best fight taking place before the end of the year. There are many people in the boxing world that have their opinions about this fight and who they think will win. In a recent interview Miguel Cotto gave his take about what will happen. He was also asked about several other tops. The Pacquiao vs Rios stream is gaining publicity and people are talking about it thanks to the fact that it is Pacquiao’s return fight, and also because of the recent fight that happened behind the scenes between the two trainers.

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Watch Miguel Cotto Speak on Pacquiao vs Rios Fight

Miguel Cotto has fought some of the toughest competitors in boxing. He has fought Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather and countless others.  Cotto is currently in Macau China to watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight because it could have significant implications for him. Cotto has been looking fresh as of late and made quick work of his last fight. He could potentially fight Manny Pacquiao again, and there has even been talk as of late that he could fight Canelo Alvarez. Either way when Cotto was asked about who he thought would win the fight on Saturday he said that he believed Manny Pacquiao would win because he has more skills overall. He said Rios is a good fighter but he believes that Pacquiao will win. Watch the interview below:


Pacquiao vs Rios Trainers Fight Online

In an event that increased the popularity of the upcoming Pacquiao vs Rios fight, both trainers got in a heated argument during a recent training session. The Rios camp  was using the gym longer than they were supposed to and Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach was not too happy about that. After that a former member of Pacquiao’s team that Roach fired works for Rios now, and he started getting in Roach’s face. Then Roach said something, they said something and everything went crazy. Roach got kicked, Roach made racial remarks, and now everyone is talking about the fight before the fight. Fans can watch Pacquiao vs Rios online and see how this all plays out.


Drug Testing To Be Big Part of Pacquiao vs Rios Fight

Drug testing has always been a major subject in all Pacquiao fights. When the Mayweather fight was supposed to be set the one problem was the drug testing issue. These days Manny is more than willing to submit to random drug testing and that is exactly the type of testing that is taking place in the fight on Saturday. The fighters can be tested at anytime according to the regulations for this fight and both fighters are fine with it and have passed all tests with flying colors. Pacquiao’s blistering speed will meet Rios’s relentless toughness and both will battle for the right to be called the best. The winner of this fight will have many opportunities for bigger fights and the loser will have to do some rebuilding. Anyone who wants to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online will be able to as long as they have a computer and internet connection, so everyone will be able to see this classic fight.



Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online: A Look at Pacquiao vs Rios Part 1, 2 & 3

It’s hard to find a fight like this one where everyone wants to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online or watch the fight with their friends. This event will have the world watching because everyone wants to see if the great Manny Pacquiao has what it takes to continue his storied career. People are asking questions they haven’t asked before and now all of a sudden the beloved Pacquiao has to prove himself again. Manny is not one afraid of hard work and he is not worried by the fact that he lost his last two fights, right now he is concentrated on his goal which is to beat Brandon Rios and continue building his legacy.

Pacquiao vs Rios Fight Live

Watch A Look at Pacquiao vs. Rios: Part 1

The Top Rank boxing promotion, the people behind all of Manny Pacquiao’s fights have created a special three part series for the upcoming fight with Rios in order to promote and show the world what got us to this matchup. This first episode talks about Pacquiao and his down times. It begins with talking about the Tim Bradley fight, where Manny beat Bradley round after round and clearly dominated the fight. When the fight was over, everyone including the commentators believed that Manny won the fight. When the judges announced the scorecards, the world was shocked to hear that Bradley won the fight. Something went wrong and clearly the judges were not judging the fight based on what actually happened, so Manny was forced to take the loss and move on to the next fight. When we watch Pacquiao vs Rios online on Saturday we will see a different Manny then we saw in that Bradley fight, it will be a Pacquiao that is hungrier and more dedicated to scoring a convincing win.

Watch A Look at Pacquiao vs. Rios: Part 2

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In the second episode of Top Rank’s special series we see the world getting introduced to Brandon Rios. Rios is being promoted as a guy who is never afraid and ready to fight anyone. He has been in a few vicious brawls in his career and in all those fights he exhibits the same characteristics, a tough, hard hitting boxer who refuses to give up and always comes forward. This is what many people think gives him his best chance at defeating Manny Pacquiao on Saturday. Rios has been in the situation several times before where it looked like he was out of the fight only to come back and core the victory, that is just the kind of fight he is and when we watch Pacquiao vs Rios online it is something to definitely look out for. Boxing is a crazy sport and the one who doesn’t quit can find ways to win.

A Look at Pacquiao vs. Rios: Part 3

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In the third part of the series we see the fighters wrapping up training camp and promoting the big fight scheduled to take place in China. Manny has been getting asked the same questions over and over again and he eagerly awaits his opportunity to prove himself so that everyone stops questioning his abilities. Manny is fully aware that he needs a big fight, and a big result to reclaim his sport and that is all he is thinking about while training. That with the combination of of the recent Typhoon that hit is home country, there is a lot on Pacquiao’s mind and it can be hard at times to keep focus, but he has dedicated this fight to the victims of the Typhoon, and that should help. Everyone should watch Pacquiao vs Rios online because it is the day that Manny turns over a new chapter in his career.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Fight Promo Videos Online

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight online is always bringing you the latest videos and news being released about the Pacquiao vs Rios fight. The promotion that is making this fight happen has put out some new videos promoting the fight entitled “A Look at Pacquiao vs Rios” and this is going to be a several part series. Part one was added to Youtube and you can see it below. This series was really well put together. It makes us realize that although everyone is saying that Pacquiao is coming off of two straight losses, the reality is that Manny beat Bradley, just got screwed over by crooked judging. In the Marquez fight he won nearly every round up until the final punch which caught him clean. It cannot be discussed whether or not Pacquiao still has it, because he clearly does, the question is can he get the win and get back on track.

watch pacquiao vs rios fight

 A Look at Pacquiao vs Rios

pacquiao rios fight

Manny Pacquiao was on top of the sport of boxing just a few short years ago, right up there with Floyd Mayweather jr. What has happened since was just unpredictable and nobody would have thought that Manny would lose two straight fights after having beat Juan Marquez for the second time. That is the sport of boxing and anything can happen and Manny now knows that. The crooked judging that cost him the Bradley fight was one of the worst cases in modern boxing history.  There are not many boxing analysts or fans that legitimately think Bradley won that fight, and Bradley has even said that his life got worse after winning the title. People ridiculed and disrespected him saying that he stole the title and robbed Pacquiao. Pacquiao then had a bounce back fight vs Juan Manuel Marquez that was supposed to end the chapter forever however after dominating the entire fight Manny got caught with a big punch that ended the fight. Not what everyone expected and everyone who will watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight will hope to see Manny get back into form and get his career back on track.

Brandon Rios is a Tough Fighter Despite What People Say

There are many people in the sport of boxing that are saying Brandon Rios is just going to be a punching bag for Manny Pacquiao to beat up but anyone who has seen him in training camp has seen that his body shots are deadly, his stamina is on point and he is preparing as if he is entering the biggest fight of his career, which he is. Rios knows that this is the best opportunity he is going to get to obtain a world title in the near future so he wants to make the best of it. He wants to prove to the world as they watch Pacquiao vs Rios online that he is the tougher fighter and a capable to be in the ring with pound for pound champions.

Watch Rios vs Pacquiao online

Pacquiao Needs To Win If He Hopes To Fight Mayweather

The fight that people have been talking about for years is the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight and Manny needs to win this Rios fight for that to ever be a possibility. Mayweather will not fight Pacquiao unless it is worth it for him and it will draw a large audience but if Manny loses to Rios, he may never draw the same audience again. Nobody doubts that Manny Pacquiao has done great things for the sport of boxing, but they just want him to prove that he is still the best and getting back to his true form. Watch Pacquiao vs Rios fight live from China in under three weeks.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Online 24/7, Training and Interviews

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios online because the fight being called the “Clash in Cotai” is grabbing all the boxing headlines these days. Both champions have fought at the highest levels in front of thousands of people and this will likely be the biggest, perhaps not for Pacquiao but definitely for Rios. The Chinese people are very excited for this fight as they will be treated to Pay Per View boxing for the first time in recent memory. This is the first of a long line of fights that Top Rank boxing hopes to bring to China.

watch Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 online

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7 Online

The famous series by the original boxing network, HBO, 24/7 will start airing on November 9th and will show the fans the trademark emotional and visual enjoyment that is the life of a pro boxer. Any boxing fan will also be able to watch Pacquiao vs Rios online episode of 24/7 because HBO boxing often uploads the video of the episode to Youtube a few days after airing on TV. Pacquiao’s life is probably hectic leading up to this fight, for more reason then one. Everybody is asking him how he feels about Mayweather and if he will fight Mayweather, it can be hard for a fighter to be concentrated on the task at hand, which is exactly what Pacman must be.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Training Videos Online

These two fighters are training as if this fight defines their career. In some ways it does. Brandon Rios was undefeated before his last fight but now he has a blemish on his record heading into this one. He can no longer say he is undefeated, and the only way to fix something like that is by making the next win versus someone of the caliber of Pacquiao. It will be no easy task but Rios is up for it.

Manny Pacquiao is coming off two consecutive losses, even worse than Rios. He got robbed vs Tim Bradley and everyone knows what happened versus Marquez. Now he is fighting a younger Rios, but that’s where the advantages stop for Brandon. Pacquiao is faster, has better footwork and probably has better power than Rios, so when the world will watch Pacquiao vs Rios online or on tv, they will see the difference first hand. Pacquiao’s plan is surely to take advantage of his speed and make it hard for Brandon to hit him.

Watch Pacquiao vs Rios Interviews Online

Both of these fighters have done several interviews to promote this fight. Pacquiao wants the world to watch this fight and see that he still has what it takes to face Mayweather in a fight. Brandon Rios has also been fairly confident in all of the interviews he has done for this one. Both fighters like each other and we saw that in the China press tour so it will all come down to who wants it more on November 23rd. Manny Pacquiao will be trying to avenge his previous two defeats and Brandon Rios will try to make his name legendary, watch Pacquiao vs Rios online or on TV to truly be apart of history.